New populations found in Queensland and Western Australia

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NEW, March 2017

  •  AWC ecologist John Young has heard Night Parrots in Goneaway National Park, about 50 km east of the nearest birds known in Diamantina NP. This is highly encouraging, because it is a site where various people have predicted that the species would occur. We are getting better at finding them!
  • A team of four independent ornithologists in WA (Bruce Greatwich, Nigel Jackett, Adrian Boyle and George Swann), having developed a conceptual model of Night Parrot occurrences, have found Night Parrots in the interior of Western Australia. They heard and photographed the species at a remote site, more than 2000 km from the Queensland sites. This is tremendously exciting news because, together with the work by Neil Hamilton and others at Matuwa (Lorna Glen), this indicates that a significant population still occurs in Western Australia.

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