Night Parrots need all the support they can get – if you would like to help, check out the possibilities below.

Survey and report

The Night Parrot Recovery Team asks anyone who has heard or seen Night Parrots to contact us. Your observations will be kept confidential and where appropriate, the NPRT will facilitate conservation actions in consultation with yourself, the land holder, state agencies and conservation groups. If you do have a permit to use playback, please tell us where you have used playback without finding Night Parrots..

Local bird groups

Contact BirdLife Australia, who can give you information on birding activities in your local area.

Bush Heritage Australia

Bush Heritage Australia owns and manages the Pullen Pullen Reserve, adjacent to the site where ‘Shorty’ Cupitt discovered a dead Night Parrot in 2006, and where John Young re-discovered Night Parrots in western Queensland in 2013.  Management of this reserve is primarily for Night Parrots.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy

In 2016, Australian Wildlife Conservancy found Night Parrots on Diamantina National Park, which is adjacent to Pullen Pullen Reserve.