Statement on recent Night Parrot records

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Following an independent investigation into the validity of some recent records of Night Parrot occurrence and nesting, the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) has taken the step of retracting all records of the Night Parrot that it has published. However, the Night Parrot Recovery Team (NPRT) notes that in the aftermath of the release of the independent investigation there has been some confusion as to what the results of the investigation truly mean. In relation to these sites and records, NPRT wishes to make the following clear.

Sites/studies NOT IN QUESTION in this process:

• Original occurrence reports from Pullen Pullen by John Young and Steve Murphy, later observations by Steve Murphy and colleagues, and data gathered by Nick Leseberg (UQ) (with many verifiable recordings, plus some photographs)
• Western Australian sites for which the precise location details are still confidential

Records from three sites HAVE BEEN RETRACTED from all on-line and paper-based literature:

• Diamantina National Park (some nest records are in question; calls heard by John Young in the presence of other competent observers are probably Night Parrots, but they await analysis of independently verifiable recordings)
• Goneaway National Park (unconfirmed reports of Night Parrot calls)
• AWC’s Kalamurina Sanctuary in northern South Australia (feather and calls in doubt; photograph inconclusive)

Night Parrot Recovery Team
28 March 2019

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